Sexual Education

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1. When the world was first created, animals had different kind of fur that covered their whole bodies. But humans had their skin naked.

2. Margarita, who was one of those first human beings in the world, decided to put on some leaves on her breast, pubic area, and her buttocks to cover his anus.

3. Another one, named Ricardo, decided to put some leaves on the penis and on his buttocks to cover his anus.

4. Sometimes they removed their leaves to take a swim in rivers, lakes, the sea… and also to sunbathe in secluded and discreet places. But they used the leaves when walking and while in places where they could find others like them.

5. They were very happy and discreet by having their bodies covered, and vigilant to have them always covered in front of others.

6. They were very clear and made sure that nobody touched their intimate parts of the body which were covered by the leaves. They didn’t like either, malicious comments about their body, nor to be looked in a way that they didn’t feel nice.

7. They had planned to teach their future children the privacy their bodies need and that no one is allowed to uncover or touch them without consent, even if it was by their own parents when helping them to wash their bodies and they felt uncomfortable.

8. And so they lived very happily keeping their body healthy and taking care of their intimate parts like a treasure they shouldn’t be ashamed of.