The Different

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1- Now that we live in this bigger country, with many types of people, different races and customs, our children are confused and do not know how to act and what awaits for them in this country.

2- At school, they teach us how to respect others regardless their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or customs, and how we should not look down on anyone because they are different.

3- At bedtime I read them this story about a place where at the beginning human beings were different in skin color, customs, sexual needs, just like little animals. Those people respected each other because they all had something in common, their hearts that allow them to love unconditionally.

4- They asked why those people were like this. Was it because they wanted so, or had been raised differently? They also asked about the races and the different customs and why in our smaller country these differences were not observed.

5- I explained to them that in a smaller or less tolerant place it is hard for people to express and show themselves as they really are without being criticized, censored and even attacked. To my surprise they understood perfectly, and I realized how easy it is for parents to educate their children in acceptance and respect their minds are open, flexible and kind if we educate them that way

6- How happy they were to realize that love makes us all equal and how life can be better if we use our hearts to judge.